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omid on National park of Koli
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely!

omid on Burning sky
Lovely sunset!

Existence Artistique on Burning sky

beach on Burning sky
It is like a fireball.

Ronnie 2¢ on Burning sky
It does actually look afire !

Existence Artistique on National park of Koli
c'est du bon travail

Jypyä Pop on Against the sun and smoke
Morjens Jatta. Ei olakka iha joka päivä treffattu, mut onneks joskus sentä. Tämä o kamala ...

Céline Ruffino on Against the sun and smoke
Very pretty shot!

ursulakatariina on Against the sun and smoke
Wow, on mennyt ihan ohi tämä kuva! Todella hieno kuva hienolla tunnelmalla!

Chantal B. on Against the sun and smoke
Superbe atmosphère.

Marilla on Against the sun and smoke
Todella kaunis usvainen maisema ja hieno valo! Tervetuloa takaisin!

Basile Pesso on Here I am !
Hello Jatta, I hope everything is alright. If so, will you come back here ?

Céline on Here I am !
Cute shot!

Babzy on Here I am !
snow snow snow Hope this cute one isn't freezing ;)

Jypyä Pop on Here I am !
Those little guests in the yard will make winter a little more fun.

Oiva on Here I am !
Beautiful Blue tit on a clean snow, maybe he did not like the fact that you're shooting, because the look is ...

B. Thomas on Here I am !
It looks very cold. I hope he finds enough food for the winter. Nice shot.

B. Thomas on Boss species
Very pretty little birds. It looks like you already have a lot of snow.

B. Thomas on Lively visitor in the morning sun
Cute little squirrel. Happy Silly Tuesday, although I'm a little late since I have been away a few days.

franz on Here I am !
lovely capture of this little bird! now it's up to you to feed him through the winter ...

Lena on Here I am !
So cute and lovely. I love this image a lot...:-) nicely capture !

Basile Pesso on Here I am !
Very good.

john4jack on Here I am !
me, too

Marilla on Here I am !
Onpa topakan näköinen tintti!

L'Angevine on Here I am !
cette mésange n'a pas l'air d'avoir froid sur cette couverture de neige

tataze on Here I am !
I Likeeeeeeeeeeeeee

gerard1948 on Boss species
It's like humans, always the war for to eat, the strongest eat first. Great shot.

gerard1948 on Here I am !
It must be cold, and it is not easy to find food. A pretty picture. Have a nice day.

Kate on Here I am !
Brrr! looks cold for him!

Tede on Here I am !
Il va falloir lui donner des skis :) Magnifique image. Bonne journée.

ursulakatariina on Here I am !
Superb shot! Great colours.

Curly on Here I am !
Good colours considering that the camera had to meter for such bright light.

Marilla on Boss species
Nice image! Birds are busy here too. PS. Enjoy the snow while you have it! ;D

Tede on Boss species
Il fait vraiment voir que c'est lui le chef :) Excellente cette prise de vue. Bonne journée.

Oiva on Boss species
Beautiful birds, we have them too! Do you have there Blackbirds? They keep the raisins and apple pieces!You then came ...

ursulakatariina on Boss species
I hope one day that blue tit shows to those greenfinches who is the real boss. :) Nice shot.

Curly on Lively visitor in the morning sun
Good shot considering all of that glass in your way.

gerard1948 on Lively visitor in the morning sun
He is very cute this little squirrel. A nice composition and a beautiful photo. Have a good day.

Jypyä Pop on Lively visitor in the morning sun
Beautiful gray coat. Squirrels are fun to watch.

Oiva on Lively visitor in the morning sun
Yes these squirrels are beautiful when have tassels on the ears and bushy tail, seems to be the winter coat on! Great ...

Tede on Lively visitor in the morning sun
De toute beauté dans cette superbe lumière. Splendides tonalités. Bonne journée.

ursulakatariina on Lively visitor in the morning sun

Chantal on Stamens
Waouh ! Une réussite. Superbe macro.

Marilla on Stamens
That's extremely pretty! I love the soft details.

ursulakatariina on Stamens
Great macro. The colours and the details are great!

Olivier Rault on Les Braves,Normandy, France
Alors ça je connais, c'est chez moi ! Magnifique photo :))

Jypyä Pop on Stamens
Is it Jatta found pretty yellow flower stuff. Great picture.

Oiva on Stamens
Great picture, than Saintpaulia be coated with sugar crystals!:-))Haleja. Baytiful day, my friend1

gerard1948 on Stamens
Lovely, the colors are sublime it makes me think of candy sugar. It is very beautiful. An excellent photo.

Curly on Stamens
Excellent little macro shot, good colours in the exposure.

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